Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tours, Tours, Tours Galore

I hope you’ve all had a great week; ours ended pretty busy here at the Quay after a fairly quiet start.

We had a crazy finish to the week as our Wednesday cruise ship was delayed until Friday due to weather and it made quite a splash when it got here. We had 4 busses from the cruise ship AND 45 grade 2/3s all hit in 2.5 hours. A huge huge thank you to Ron, Fraser, Gerard, John, Meghann, Keith, Brian, Anne E, Peter and Wanda for coming in to help. We put through nearly 200 people in that time frame and it would not have gone so smoothly without every one of you! Also a big thank you is extended to Ruby from the Fisheries museum for lending us one of her summer students, Kirstianna to work the elevator all morning.

Saturday was supposed to be much quieter than Friday with only a tour from Freedom Tours scheduled but just as that tour was about to begin John Miles Tours showed up and asked if they could have a tour as soon as the first was done. So thank you to Peter and Christine for coming in for those tours and Anne E for coming down to work the cash.

This week Ralph and Richard continued to work on replacing the rotten deck boards and the large hole that was on deck has shrunken tremendously as the new deck boards are placed.

Have a great week!


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