Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week two: Travellers, Writers, Gaelic Classes and a Wooden Piper!

This week we welcomed the grade 11 Gaelic class from Citadel High School to the site. Later that day we were visited by Sian Lloyd and her husband Jonathan James. Lloyd is a travel writer for the Daily Mail’s, the "Mail on Sunday" paper and the Huffington Post. And to cap off the week, Scottish Sun writer Barry Graham and his wife Una Graham came for a visit and a guided tour. There was lots of activity and it's only the start of what's shaping up to be a great season!

A wooden piper approximately 6’5.5 in height has made his home inside the Quay. He was purchased off of Kijiji and has been a great addition to the crew! This piper was based off of a man who lived in Pictou County -- we’re conducting some background checks to make sure he is fit to volunteer here and once I get the inside story I will let you all know as well.

On Monday we turned Ship Hector around so the bow is facing Caladh Avenue. This is done for a number of reasons; firstly if the sun is only ever hitting one side it is very hard on the paint on that side and along with that, the side not receiving sunlight gets very damp and mildew starts causing problems.

The wood for the planking of the ship has arrived! As well as the rope for the lanyards which is black and made to look as though it is tarred. In the coming weeks you'll notice the progress as this begins to be replaced.

The holes have been drilled into the windlass and so we are working on painting it up and getting it ready to be brought back aboard. The pin board has been painted and is in the carving/rigging shop if you’re in and want to take a look.

The wood for the Samson Post is now in the yard and must be tapered and formed before it can be placed back on the ship.

One final note, Clan of the Days are now taking place down at the Quay. So, keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages for your clan! On your clan day you receive one free admission per group and depending on the day you may receive some other clan merchandise.

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