Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 3: Scallywags, Ship turning and visits from all over!

Hi there,
Lots of work was accomplished on good ol Hector this week! Monday’s turning was successful and gives a different look to the harbour when you're coming in off the Causeway.

We've been busy ripping up the old deck from the bow to the forward hatch so we can replace it with the new wood that arrived last week. 

The windlass has been primed and is ready to be painted, soon it will be brought back aboard! Also the topmasts and yards are back on site!! We'll be working on those in the coming weeks.

Wednesday we had our first unexpected bus which means the season has truly begun. We have begun what is called the "Clan of the Day", where daily a clan is picked and there are a number of prizes that may be offered, from magnets and bookmarks to free admission. 

This week we saw guests from 7 different provinces, 4 different states, Scotland and also Switzerland. We also started swabbing the deck daily (which, for those who aren’t sure, essentially means mopping the deck with salt water) this helps to keep the deck from rotting. 

Come see the scallywags swabbing the deck!

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